Thursday, May 18, 2006

LibraryThing and tags vs. subject headings

When I discovered LibraryThing last fall it was the beginning of a torrid love affair. The interface! The virtual library shelf! The community of readers! But most of all I fell in love with tagging. How empowering it feels to be able to develop my own access points to my book collection!

Pretty quickly I started wondering if this was something that could be applied to library catalogs -- for example, what if library members could create their own tags for their reading history. Yeah. Well I'm definitely not alone.

Abby at LibraryThing posted what promises to be the first of many blog entries where she compares tags generated by LibraryThing members with subject headings in the Library of Congress format. Take a look.


LibraryThing said...

A torrid love affair; I'll have to make sure my wife doesn't see this one.

Can I steal your chicklet/blogsticker thingy? I like the black and white better than my choices.


Lisa Bunker said...

Heh. And my husband. Of couse you can steal my thingy. I stole it from someone else.