Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Rockfellow family website, new content too!

I have re-launched my Rockfellow Family website in a new location, and added two exciting new ways to study this pioneer family: a zoomable Google map of all of the locations mentioned on the website as well as some from John A. Rockfellow's book Log of an Arizona Trail Blazer. All of the ranch-related waypoints were mapped in person during visits to Cochise County.

And more importantly, I am pleased to announce that the Cochise County Historical Society has granted me permission to reproduce Jonetta Holt's Fall/Winter 2006 article: "Settling in East Cochise Stronghold Canyon." [PDF-74 pages]. This article represents Holt's extensive research into the families that settled the Cochise Stronghold and includes maps, timelines and copious photographs. Her sources include interviews of surviving settlers, platt maps, land use records, diaries, and much more. Settlers profiled in the article include Rockfellow, Walter Servoss, Lucinda and John Henry 'Red' Warren, Richard Shaw, Herbert S. Buckley, H.L. Kegans, former Cochise County Sheriff Harry Wheeler, Lee and Bea Shilling, and others. Thank you Jonetta, and CCHS!

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