Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blogging class open to REFORMA members and SIRLS students

At last week's REFORMA meeting we decided that sometime in March I would teach the members how to do input on the new website; somehow that morphed into teaching about how I installed it too, and opening it up to SIRLS students. So here were the steps...
  1. Obtain server space configured for Unix
  2. Purchase a URL and hook it up with the server
  3. Make sure you have an FTP utility (for uploading)
  4. Download WordPress and unzip it to a folder on your hard drive
  5. Go into your server space admin panels and create a MySQL database (really easy)
  6. Begin configuring your WordPress files (follow WP instructions)
  7. Upload the files to your server space
  8. Run the installation script
  9. Begin exploring your WP admin panels and start personalizing the site
  10. Pick a theme that works with the content you plan and customize it if need be (I made a new banner)
  11. Copy text over from old site, seeking out "plugins" as needed (I added widget and calendar plugins)

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