Sunday, February 11, 2007

New REFORMA Tucson website launched!

I've launched the new version of the REFORMA Tucson Chapter website! We're still waiting for the new logo, but I think it still looks pretty nice. The whole website is now converted to WordPress, a free software that is intended for blogs, but which I am using here for the whole enchilada.

Why? Searchability, calendar software, archiving, the ability to post comments, and accessible code, but most of all because REFORMA Tucson members can all participate in this website. If they have news to announce, if they have an event to add to the calendar, if they have a correction to make, they can post it themselves -- without an HTML editor.

Many thanks to my new co-webmasters Adriana Rendon and Paula Maez for their help and support on this project. What's next? We are working on adding a photo gallery and a wiki.

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