Monday, September 22, 2008

Flam Chen goodness

I was able to talk to Flam Chen performers for the first time last week at the Mission Library's 30th anniversary -- once I got over my awe at seeing them close up, at least. They're a bit larger than life, as you can see on the left.

And now I find that they have posted videos of their performances online at vimeo. Take a look at my favorite, a performance piece featuring firedancing and creatures called "Kokapis" with live drum music from the Dambe Project. Flam Chen's website is being redesigned, but their MySpace is active:

For the video, picture people gathered on the grass in front of the old library on the UA Campus (now the Arizona State Museum) on a sultry evening in late June. The day has started too cool off and then they light the burners and the drums start...

Radiance from Flam Chen on Vimeo

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