Friday, September 01, 2006

Delightful new photo in family gallery

My aunt Margie sent me a delightful photo of my great-grandfather that I had never seen before. He is dressed up and equipped just as he was in 1879 for his prospecting surveys across Arizona! His comments, written to my uncle on the back, are quite droll:
"Three old prospectors in the Tombstone celebration of October 1929.

At left, Mr. Reeves, Center your grandfather, whiskers and all.

The burros are packed just as he traveled on a four hundred (400) mile trip fifty years ago. The rifle he carries is a Sharps 45-70" purchased in 1879 and a splendid shooter yet it has been used on nearly everything that walks in Arizona except human beings. Come out sometime and try it."

If you want to view the photo in more detail it is on my flickr account. Click on "all sizes."

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